Service Body Overhaul

A complete refurbishment was carried out to this CAT 773F service unit.


A full hydraulic system overhaul including new hoses, lines, reels and fittings.


An electrical system overhaul including new switches, screens, lighting and wiring.


The structural refurbishment included tank repairs, modifications and damage repairs.


A full abrasive blast and paint job was carried out as well as all new decals, handles and latches all fitted in house


EX5600 Build

Our involvement in this project included the redesign and fabrication of components and accesories to suit the clients requirements.


Off site abrasive blasting and painting of components and on site field support was also supplied.

Truck Bodies

Our services for truck bodies spans from general on site repairs to complete off site refurbishments and assembly.


Full refurbishments include complete wear package replacements, damage repairs, modifications, lineboring, abrasive blasting and painting and detailing.

Buckets & Blades

Our knowledge and understanding in buckets and blades is extensive.


We have experienced all levels of the management and repairs of buckets and blades from general repairs, complete refurbishments, large scale modifications, wear package and GET solutions.


Full refurbishments include complete wear package replacements, GET changes and conversions, structural modifications, lineboring and bush fitting, weld testing, abrasive blasting and painting.


These components are fully fitted out prior to leaving our workshop so they are delivered in a 'ready for work' condition.

Booms & Sticks

Our knowledge in excavator, shovel and loader booms and sticks ranges from onsite internal and external repairs to complete offsite refurbishments.


Including OEM modifications and repairs, Non-OEM engineered modifications and repairs, on site and off site lineboring, on site pin and bush removal and fitting as well as hydraulic cylinder, piping and hose servicing.


Off site refurbishment sees these components delivered to site in a 'ready to fit' condition.